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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If Ubisoft would have released Left 4 Dead

Let me start by saying that I only reflect the opinions of myself, some of my friends and some internet literature I have read along the way.

If Ubisoft had released Left 4 Dead, it would have been a very tragic day. Like the post-apocalyptic time that the game represents. The only four survivors to actually buy the game would have probably given up after only a couple of days with no mercy left for the blood sucking, air heads running a dead end company like Ubisoft; leaving it to its death. Only the harvest of games it created would be left to show for its efforts and when the bell tolls to summon the dead, Ubisoft will be the first to lay down in the trenches and be forgotten forever.

But, because Valve released Left 4 Dead, we forgive the bugs and lack of content. We know in our hearts that Valve loves each of us. Valve is like that grandpa that gives us free candy for not telling anyone he ate some too. We expect Valve to go above and beyond to release free-content add-on packs for its games. EA does not understand this concept when looking at the Sims as an example. Valve lets us host the servers and in return they give us more content. Servers available to the public for free means they can sell more games. More free content for us means we get our money's worth and an increased replay value. Left 4 Dead is missing content, no doubt about that; a $50 game means more than 4 hours of game play. Of course the online game play is good too, but with the bugs in the lobby and server searching, we can look into that later.

I don't mean to completely bust Ubisoft's bubble, but come on. They really failed the industry by franchising the name Farcry into a sequel without giving us a real game. I don't want to point out specifics about why Farcry 2 fails, because Blogger does not have the storage space for my rant. What I will do is say that Ubisoft should stick to consoles where details don't matter as much and people will blame the controller. Example: LOST Via Domus; not a horrible game, just an obvious Ubisoft game.

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