The purpose of this Blog

I created this blog back in 2005 because I had to for a class in College, but since then I have used to talk about various topics. It may not have anything interesting for most people, but that's because I am not catering to the masses. I am basically talking about whatever comes to mind when I think I know enough to talk about it. You will see that the topics are a scope of things that usually impact me. If you want more information and stories then you can stop by my website linked on the left. Feel free to comment and browse. I think some spam bots may have beaten you to it though.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

What's in a number?

Try this little game to have it guess your number. Here. The faster I did it the more accurate it got which I guess is because I fall into it's math formula better rather than when I think about it and try to out smart it. (run-on sentence alert!)

Can you make XP look like Vista or like OS X?

The answer is yes, for the most part. I challenged someone to make their desktop look like the two completely different OSs and it seems they have succeeded. Here is their website to view their newly renovated desktop. This is the reason I have a picture of my desktop in a previous post. I also feel like a desktop is an expression of self and shows a unique creative side of people.

Veesta OR V(i) 'h' sta

How do you pronounce it? Just thought it was interesting that people pronounce many words many ways. I heard someone pronounce it both once and could not tell you how to try and repeat it.
On a second note, I got my computer working fully again. It has had issues recently that are hard to explain. Things such as not having access to all of my programs and it turned itself into power save mode (turns off after 60 minutes). I was able to reverse these newly changed settings, but why did they happen? Who turned them on? I also did not have sound. I have speakers and two sound devices with drivers installed and "working properly", but at the same time "No Devices Found". I ended up just reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling. It works fine now, so it was either a weird virus or a bug in Vista. I assume it was a bug. First time I have had a problem with Vista Ultimate! Recommend except for the occasional bug (wait for SP1).

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


What movies did I have?? I am having trouble remembering what movies I owned, but maybe you remember watching one at some point. If you can think of something that I might be missing then just leave me a comment. Thanks for the help and feel free to just look at a collection that was. You can view this said list here.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rock Band

I love this game, but I have a couple of problems with it, so here is what I like and don't like about it. I really love the download able content available and coming soon which you can see here. I do not like the fact that the guitars and drums are junk. They break easily, come with a sleazy 60 day warranty and are priced far from measly. Junk = Here. So there is my 2 cents. I think that the black wired GH3 controller is the best. Best Buy has it for its display model and I love it; unfortunately you can't buy it yet for the 360 - only Sony consoles.

New Website I Found

So I find many websites while at my job, but this one peaks my interest. I like it because it is all about videogames and is not sponsored by any videogame company (treats all games equal). You can make a profile and then add games that you own to your profile. I like it because you can see how random people get and also who likes similar titles. It is essentially a networking site for gamers, but if I had to give a more detailed description: Gamers of Nintendo and older generations and/or mostly console gamers and I believe the website is based in the U.K. With that said, I am a PC gamer mostly and can tell that most people on this site are not. Check it out here: VGChartz

Burlged! (Burglarized)

Yeah so my Apt got burgled (much better form of the word) over Thanksgiving break here at IU. My roommate called us all Saturday to tell us. We all came down later and took inventory of what was missing. They broke my bedroom window and then unlocked the front door. Only two of the four of us had stuff missing and we reported it to our insurance companies on Monday. On Tuesday they caught them. They pawned a guitar they stole from our neighbors and one of our neighbors found it and called the police. When they pawned it, the guitar shop copied their drivers license (their real one). Turns out they had already gotten rid of a lot of things and won't fess up as to where. They burglarized three Apts that night all in the same complex they live (Copper Beech Town homes) . I am still missing some stuff and my room mate's computer and classical guitar are still MIA. It has been and continues to be an interesting 'Life Event' as the sims would put it.