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I created this blog back in 2005 because I had to for a class in College, but since then I have used to talk about various topics. It may not have anything interesting for most people, but that's because I am not catering to the masses. I am basically talking about whatever comes to mind when I think I know enough to talk about it. You will see that the topics are a scope of things that usually impact me. If you want more information and stories then you can stop by my website linked on the left. Feel free to comment and browse. I think some spam bots may have beaten you to it though.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Nature of Information

The lecture notes for the nature of information is very helpful in defining information. It describes using Icons: direct representations of objects, Indices: indirect representations of objects nessasarily related, and Symbols: arbitrary representations of objects. The notes also describe their relation to eachother in a triangle where signs impact the agent who impact the thing which impacts the sign again. The nature of information lecture notes also are good at explaining semiotics or the study of the sign system. Where people understand the signs and all of their meanings as they apply to them.

Visit the notes @ Infoport.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

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Friday, January 13, 2006


Informatics is a cool department at IUB. I101 will definitly be fun. INFO

Library of Babel

Check out the Library of Babel on Infoport.

It is a complex article about information and a library that has a copy of every book. Even if just one character in the book is different. There are people in the story that start to tear up the books because they think they are bad. And other people think that the books are sacred and save them. It is a good article after you read it a couple of times.