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Friday, January 16, 2009

Technological singularity

I have become very interested in this topic and I want to start off by letting you read a couple of articles and then watching a video. Just glance over the articles to get a sense of what they are. Definition, Opposition and a video composed in 2008 for Sony Executives Did you Know 3.0. Also Economic.

Although it is impossible to predict the future, I do find this topic interesting as it is expected to happen in my lifetime. Being as these are exponential times, I feel that to completely deny this topic would be ignorant, but I don't feel we will see the rapidness of this change for some time. Infrastructures change too slowly and money is always an issue. It takes too long for companies to come up with a business model for changes and this slows everyone down. Sony has been hurt badly as well as other companies because they did not adapt well enough. Retail stores will be a thing of the past because they are no longer needed like we see them today. The ONLY store I go into anymore is Kroger or Walmart and it's usually just for groceries. But here in Bloomington, I have two choices for websites that will deliver these to me. Amazon even sells groceries. The point I am making is that for 1: people need to adapt and this takes time (still need retail stores for people who do not order online) and 2: businesses need to make money and come up with models to do so and this takes time.

Next thought: I do not think people will be able to live forever in my lifetime because I do not think computers will be able to solve everything that can go wrong in a human in my lifetime. But as far as AI being smarter than humans and creating their own smarter AI, I do believe we will see this in my lifetime. We are on the start of the curve for Nano technology and it increases at unimaginable rates, but again, in the lab is different from in the marketplace. I do not see products available at this time that operate at speeds we have achieved. But there are certainly more rapid gains than history and that's a fact.

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