The purpose of this Blog

I created this blog back in 2005 because I had to for a class in College, but since then I have used to talk about various topics. It may not have anything interesting for most people, but that's because I am not catering to the masses. I am basically talking about whatever comes to mind when I think I know enough to talk about it. You will see that the topics are a scope of things that usually impact me. If you want more information and stories then you can stop by my website linked on the left. Feel free to comment and browse. I think some spam bots may have beaten you to it though.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Video Game Cabinet

The video game cabinet is almost complete. I am only one console shy on the installation of them. I also need to put the LEDs in when I receive them all. I ordered some cheap ones from Asia, so it may take awhile. Once they are installed I may install a fan in the bottom part, although probably not. I have not made up my mind, yet, obviously. It is looking pretty cool so far, but I will take pictures once it is complete to my stringent expectations. This has to be one cool cabinet (according to its cost). VGC Rules!