The purpose of this Blog

I created this blog back in 2005 because I had to for a class in College, but since then I have used to talk about various topics. It may not have anything interesting for most people, but that's because I am not catering to the masses. I am basically talking about whatever comes to mind when I think I know enough to talk about it. You will see that the topics are a scope of things that usually impact me. If you want more information and stories then you can stop by my website linked on the left. Feel free to comment and browse. I think some spam bots may have beaten you to it though.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ah, the joy of blogging

I intended my graveyard shift to be a productive one. For the most part it was, but I spent more time on blogs than what I actually wanted to. I supposed to be organizing my 809 bookmarks, but oh well. I have added some, but more importantly, validated the ones that I wanted to keep.

I went through my Blog folder first and that was my pitfall. Each blog had to be extensively analyzed for worthiness. In the end, I only got rid of one. I have refreshed my memory on the others and ended up watching an hour long keynote by the Flickr creator Cal. I have had bookmarked for some time now and I know I have enjoyed his links in the past. I am becoming a fan of his website and will continue to follow.

Some of them are out-dated, but that is ok. Some are up to the minute and those are great too. I have a range from Burbia, to Autoblog to Ramblomatic. The mix is nice and I would recommend them.

That is all for now. Time to go home and sleep.